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LG 43″ 4K Smart UHD TV [43UP77003]


  • Real 4K UHD
  • Theater
  • Game
  • Sports
  • Quad-core 4K processor
  • ThinQ AI


Real 4K UHD.
Astounding suggestiveness

LG UHD TV exceeds expectations every time. Enjoy realistic images and vivid colors with four times the pixel accuracy of Full HD.
TV ekranas, kuriame rodomas kraštovaizdis su kalnu ir ežeru, yra padidintas (leisti vaizdo įrašą)

Functionality worthy of the most popular movies.

Set up a home cinema. FILMMAKER MODE™ and HDR will allow you to get even more involved in the content you are watching. Connect to your favorite streaming platforms to access your favorite content.
TV ekrane rodomas vaizdo įrašas su berniuku, vilkinčiu astronauto kostiumą, kurį jis pasigamino žaisdamas su erdvėlaiviu savo kambaryje, papuoštame miniatiūrinėmis planetomis (leisti vaizdo įrašą)

„Apple“ logotipas ir „Netflix“ logotipas išdėstyti juodame fone.

A hub for all your favorite things.

Access to the app on Apple TV and Netflix. Choose from the latest movies, TV shows, documentaries and live matches, all in one place.
*Netflix streaming subscription required.
**Apple, the Apple logo and Apple TV are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries.
***Supported service may vary by country.
Christopheris Nolanas veda pokalbį kino teatro patalpoje

The director’s vision came to life.

FILMMAKER MODE™ disables motion smoothing but preserves the original aspect ratio, colors and frame rate. In this way, the director’s vision is accurately conveyed, so you will see the film as it was created.
Moters, liečiančios eksponatą, padengtą mažomis lemputėmis, vaizdas padalytas į dvi dalis, kad būtų galima palyginti skirtingus vaizdus. Šio vaizdo viršuje kairėje yra tekstas „Standartinis“, viršuje dešinėje – HDR, o apačioje dešinėje – LG UHD TV logotipas.
Active HDR

Everything has been perfected down to the finest details.

LG UHD TV uses Active HDR technology for vivid colors and accurate details. Many HDR formats are supported, including HDR10 and HLG, so you can enjoy your favorite movies in their original quality.

Play like a winner.

Immerse yourself in the action. Game Optimizer and low input lag will allow you to play faster and more passionately.
TV ekrane rodomas vaizdo įrašas su FPS žaidimu, kuriame naudojant ginklą šaunama į priešą. (leisti vaizdo įrašą)

Televizoriaus ekranas, kuriame rodomas mieste šaudantis erdvėlaivis, o kairėje – LG OLED žaidimų optimizavimo priemonės GUI (grafinė naudotojo sąsaja), kuri koreguoja žaidimo nustatymus.
Game optimizer

Quick and easy game setup.

Control all your settings in one place with modes optimized for different game genres – FPS, RPG and RTS. Control contrast with black and white stabilization for better visibility.
Vienas priešais kitą stovi šarvus vilkintis riteris su kardu ir liepsnas iš nasrų leidžiantis drakonas. Šio vaizdo viršuje kairėje yra tekstas „Standartinis“, viršuje dešinėje – UHD TV, o apačioje dešinėje – „HGiG“ logotipas.

Immerse yourself in the game.

HGiG determines the TV’s performance and picture quality, then matches the HDR images for an immersive HDR gaming experience.
Žaidėjas, televizoriaus ekrane žaidžiantis motociklų lenktynių žaidimą, stambiu planu.
Low input lag

Perfect handling with no lag

LG UHD TV ensures that users will be able to control games instantly – without lag.

Exciting match experience

You will feel like you are in a stadium. With Bluetooth Surround Ready technology, you’ll feel as if you’re right on the edge of the stadium watching the game. And sports-related alerts will always let you know when your favorite teams are playing.
TV ekrane rodomas vaizdo įrašas, kuriame futbolininkas įmuša įvartį futbolo rungtynių metu. (leisti vaizdo įrašą)

TV ekrane rodomas taurėmis susidaužiantys vyras ir moteris, tuo metu rodomas su sportu susijęs įspėjimas
Sports related warnings

Never miss a match for your team.

The Sports Alerts feature will provide you with notifications before, during and after the match. You will never have to worry about missing important matches of your favorite teams, even if you are watching other content.
*Usage may vary by country.
Ant sofos sėdinti šeima žiūri futbolo rungtynes.
Ready for Bluetooth surround sound

Home is much more comfortable.

Easily connect Bluetooth speakers and enjoy surround sound without wires. The sound of the action is richer and more realistic, so you can feel the spectacular atmosphere of the match in your living room.
*Speakers sold separately.

Add elegance to the interior

UHD will really be a great accent in your interior. Thin screen and frame, aesthetic design – such a TV will add elegance to any interior.
Prabangi svetainė su televizoriumi, kuriame vaizduojamas iš aukštai nufilmuotas parudavęs miškas.
UHD televizoriaus, kuriame rodomas paplūdimys saulėlydžio metu, kadrai įvairiais gyvenimo stiliais. (leisti vaizdo įrašą)

AI 4K Processor α5

Picture and sound are even better.

The processor removes image noise and generates brighter colors and higher contrast. Low-resolution images are upscaled and reproduced close to 4K quality. In addition, it knows when, where and how to enhance the sound for rich virtual surround sound and an immersive viewing experience like being in a cinema.
Vidury kalnų važiuojantis traukinys su garais ant bėgių, o apačioje kairėje pateikiamas užrašas „Keturių branduolių procesorius 4K“.

Dešinėje pateikiamas Didžiojo Beno vaizdas su užrašu „Po padidinimo“, kuris yra ryškesnis, palyginti su tuo pačiu vaizdu kairėje, kur pateikiamas ir užrašas „Prieš padidinimą“.
4K resolution upscaling

See everything in 4K resolution.

LG UHD TV transforms 2K content into the most realistic 4K picture, improving fine details, resolution and color. Text and images become much clearer, with reduced noise and improved sharpness.
Televizorius, kuriame rodomas šviesioje patalpoje esantis astronautas. Dešinėje tamsiame kambaryje esančiame televizoriuje astronautas yra ryškesnis.
AI brightness control

Great Features – Better View

The light sensor measures the ambient light, after which the processor subtly adjusts the tonal rendering for optimal screen brightness. Intelligent dimming control and dot compensation algorithm improve contrast, making dark images look better. And HDR content is improved by adjusting luminance, so darker scenes become more contrasty, more detailed, and color resolution is improved.
Vyras groja būgnu ir iš būgno sklinda imituojamo garso efektai.
AI Sound

The sound every genre deserves

Based on over 17 million audio data points, the processor identifies voices, effects and frequencies to optimize the sound according to the audio genre, ensuring an impressively immersive audio experience.
ThinQ AI

Think you know what “smart” means?
Think again.

LG ThinQ will provide a more impressive TV viewing experience. Choose your favorite voice assistant and control your TV with your voice – a brand new, more user-friendly home screen gives you more control options.
Televizoriaus ekranas, kuriame rodomas įvairaus turinio, kurį rekomenduoja „LG ThinQ AI“, sąrašas. (leisti vaizdo įrašą)

Piktogramoje atvaizduotos pagrindinės „Magic Remote“ valdiklio funkcijos.
Magic Remote

Works almost like a magic wand.

The new design of the Magic Remote is more like a magic wand – it’s ergonomic, easy to hold, and uses a pointing and scrolling system to make searching faster. Built-in AI technology makes accessing services easier, while hotkeys linked to major content providers give you quick access to your favorite channels.
*Magic Remote availability varies by country.
„LG ThinQ AI“ logotipas išdėstyti vertikaliai baltame fone.
Voice commands

Convenient control center.

LG ThinQ enables teams to control the home IoT ecosystem using natural voice recognition technology*.

*Supported menus and applications may vary by country.
**The released product may display different menus.
***Voice command availability may vary by product and country.
*This product does not come with an antenna or cables to connect the antenna or external devices.

Product Information Sheet

in accordance with Regulation EU_2019_2013




General product parameters (Declared) Value Unit



Supplier’s name or trade mark LG Electronics

Supplier’s address

LG Electronics European Shared Services Center B.V., Krijgsman 1, 1186 DM Amstelveen, Netherlands
2 Model identifier 43UP77003LB
3 Energy efficiency class for standard Dynamic Range (SDR) G
4 On mode power demand for Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) 64.8 W
5 Energy efficiency class (HDR) G  
6 On mode power demand in High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode 83.0 W
7 Off mode, power demand N/A W
8 Standby mode power demand 0.5 W
9 Networked standby mode power demand 2.0 W
10 Electronic display category Television  
11 Size ratio (X : Y) 16:9
12 Screen resolution (H X V) 3840X2160
13 Screen diagonal (Cm) 108.0 cm
14 Screen diagonal (inch) 43 inches
15 Visible screen area 49.8 dm2
16 Panel technology used LED LCD  
17 Automatic Brightness Control (ABC) available YES Yes/No
18 Voice recognition sensor available No Yes/No
19 Room presence sensor available No Yes/No
20 Image refresh frequency rate 60 Hz
21 Minimum guaranteed availability of software and firmware updates(from the date of end of the placement on the market) 8 Years
22 Minimum guaranteed availability of spare parts

(from the date of end of the placement on the market)

8 Years
23 Minimum guaranteed product support 8 Years

Minimum duration of the general guarantee offered by the supplier


2(or 1)



24 Power supply type Internal  
25.1) External power supply

(non standardized and included in the product box), Description



25.2) External power supply (non standardized and included in the

product box), Input voltage

25.3) External power supply (non standardized and included in the product box), Output voltage N/A V
26.1) External standardised power supply (or suitable one if not

included in the product box), Supported standard name or list

26.2) External standardised power supply (or suitable one if not

included in the product box), Required output voltage




External standardised power supply (or suitable one if not included in the product box), Required delivered current (minimum)





26.4) External standardised power supply (or suitable one if not

included in the product box), Required current frequency

N/A Hz

Screen Resolution

Screen Shape

Screen Size

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