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Haier 60cm Built-in Electric Hob [HOC 9000]


  • Maximum Power: 5.9KW
  • 9 degrees of Heating
  • Touch Control Panel
  • Heat-resistant Ceramic Surface
  • Child-lock Function


  • Maximum power: 5.9KW
  • 9 degrees of heating
  • Touch control panel
  • Heat-resistant ceramic surface
  • Child lock function


  • Haier ceramic hob model: HOC-9000
  • 4 electric work surfaces
  • Maximum power: 5.9KW
  • 9 heating levels
  • Touch control panel
  • Heat-resistant ceramic surface
  • Locking function for children
  • Measurements
    • Height: 6.5 cm
    • Width: 51 cm


About Haier

Welcome to Haier!

Haier was founded in 1984. In the last 28 years, through its entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, Haier transformed itself from an insolvent collectively-owned factory on the brink of bankruptcy into the No. 1 global home appliance brand. In 2012, Haier’s global revenue and profit reached 25.8 billion USD and 1.42 billion USD respectively. Profit growth was 2.5 times revenue growth. Based on the statistics of Euromonitor International, a world leader in strategy research for consumer markets, Haier has been the No. 1 global home appliance brand four years in a row. On the 2012 “World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies” list released by the Boston Consulting Group, Haier is the only Chinese company in the top 10 and the No. 1 consumer product retailer.

Haier is known for disruptive innovation in its product solutions and management model. As an open platform company, Haier provides leading home appliance solutions to its users. Qingdao Haier (SH: 600690) uses disruptive innovation to create smart appliances for its users with the aim of becoming the leader and game changer in the home appliance industry. Haier’s five R&D centers around the world have forged strategic partnerships with first-class suppliers, research institutions, and prestigious universities to create an innovative ecosystem composed of over 1.2 million scientists and engineers connected by virtual and physical networks. By the end of 2012, Haier had filed 13,952 patent applications accumulatively and had been granted 8,987 patents. Haier Appliances (HKG: 1169) creates a commercial ecosystem based on an interactive platform and a delivery platform. By leveraging the synergy of marketing, virtual, logistics and service networks (“quadruple play model”), it can provide delivery and installation services to users within 24 hours and create the best user experience thanks to the connectivity between virtual and physical networks. The competitive advantages of the quadruple play model helped its distribution channel Gooday attract famous domestic and international brands. The open logistics platform for over-sized items can provide services to China’s top five e-commerce retailers and appliance and furniture manufacturers.

In terms of management, Haier uses its innovative win-win model that aligns employee goals with user needs to inject vitality and creativity into the organization, allowing employees to create value for users and themselves.  Haier has changed its organizational structure from a pyramid into an inverted pyramid and then flattened it even further to become a dynamic network-based organization composed of innovative ZZJYTs (self-management unit). Every node in this network is driven by users instead of leaders. Opening to external resources enables Haier to meet the changing needs of users.  As it is considered to be a potential solution to the management challenges in the Internet age, this innovative model has attracted the attention of world famous business schools and management gurus.  Haier’s win-win model that aligns employee goals with user needs has been included in the case collections of business schools for teaching and research purposes.

Innovation is the key to Haier’s long-term sustainability and health.  Since 2007, Haier’s profit has been growing at a CAGR of 35%.  Together with a -10-day cash conversion cycle (CCC), Haier is outperforming its peers by a mile.

Haier of the world, Our Haier, Your own Haier!

Thirty-five years ago, Haier started from the Chinese market.

Today Haier has spread all over Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and the Middle East, and all corners of the world. There are 10 R&D centers, 24 industrial parks, 66 marketing centers and 108 manufacturing plants in the world.

New brands continue to join the Haier family, Aqua, Fischer Parker, GEA, Candy, have become a member of Haier.

Haier, is crossing the culture, merging the brand, and coming to you quickly!


In Camden, South Carolina, the United States, there is a Haier Road named “HAIRBLVD”.

In France, “buy a Haier” has become the preferred New Year gift for local residents.

In Japan, housewives are using hand-held washing machines and self-propelled refrigerators developed by Haier’s Japanese team.

In India, 96% of refrigerators are produced locally, and Haier’s original “non-bending refrigerator” has become the favorite of local friends.

People no longer ask, “Which country does Haier come from?”

“Haier is with you and me anytime and anywhere, so that we can accompany with peace, joy and satisfaction.”

“Haier of the world, our Haier, your own Haier!”


Haier Technology

170+ The extremely innovative Haier has won over 170 world-class industrial design awards, ranking first in the industry
80% Haier is home to 80% of experts in international standards in the field of home appliances
25+ Haier has nearly 10,000 invention patents overseas, covering 25 countries and regions
  • An endless stream of scientific and technological achievements is a result of the three-tier R&D system of Haier, composed of “10 R&D Centers, five Innovation Centers, and one Community Platform”.
  • By virtue of a global innovation capability layout, Haier has gradually achieved connection to the world’s first-class innovation resources in the R&D centers and innovation centers across the globe. By responding to the needs of global users, it is carrying out sweeping technological innovations via “changing to meet demand”.
  • The “global community platform” established by Haier is attracting innovators from all over the world to join actively because of its open model.
  • The open and innovative R&D ecological model of Haier will continue to achieve technological leadership in the global appliance industry competition!


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